Travel History: Definition, Importance and How to Make Travel HistoryTravel History

These days everyone is searching about what is travel history, its importance and how can we make a good travel history, which can help us to get visa approval for USA, Canada or other high profile countries.

These days visa refusal rate of USA, Canada, and other developed countries are high. Some people get visa refusal due to lack of travel history. If you don’t have a good travel history or your passport is new and blank, then there is an excellent chance to get visa refusal. Here you know all about travel history in this article. Let’s start!

What is Travel History?

What is Travel History

Travel history is a track record of a traveler/visitor past visits to outside of their home country. Whenever someone visits into a foreign country than he /she got an immigration stamp or a visa stamp on their passport, this records of stamps on the passport is called travel history. Travel history tells about all the recent visits of passport holder such as where he/she travel or when he/she travel.

A good travel history helps a lot to get visa approvals for developed countries like as USA, Canada and, United Kingdom. Travel history is not an essential or required document/condition for obtaining a visa, but if you made a good travel history, then it can increase your chance of visa approval.

Why is Travel History Important?

Why is Travel History Important

Travel history is a record of your visits where you travel in the past. Every councilor or country wants to know where you travel in the past because they think if you come in their country directly without visiting another country than there is a chance that you don’t go back your country.

Why they feel so because this happened in 1980 when there were not strong visas law as compares to today, and mass no of people went to western countries on a tourist visa, and they don’t come back to their country. As a result, conditions of immigration crises arise. To control or anticipate this immigration crisis, they made strict visa norms and rules which followed these days.

Now they check travel history before granting a visa. A good travel history assured to councilor that you are a genuine tourist or travel or your sole purpose of traveling is not immigration. If you want to make a strong impression on the visa officer, then make a good travel history first.

How to Make Travel History?

How to Make Travel History

How can we create travel history and take care of some points which helps you to get the approval of visa? If you want to create travel history then starts with visa on arrival countries or E Visa countries. First, check the list of allowed countries which gives Visa on arrival or E Visa on your passport.

You can travel Mauritius, Seychelles, Cambodia, Philippines, Hong Kong. The benefits of visiting these countries are that you will enjoy here and also you will get an immigration stamp on your passport. The risk factor is zero.

Visiting five to six countries is suitable for creating a good travel history. If you visited these countries in a single trip than problems can arise. Make sure that you travel 1 or 2 countries in a single tour. Take a gap of 1 month or 2 months between your trip because it gives a positive sign that you are a genuine traveler and you don’t visit these countries only for creating travel history.

If you are applying for highly developed countries like the USA, Canada, UK and you visited in Thailand, Sri Lanka then there is a chance that you don’t get approval. Travel some prominent countries like Hong Kong, China, Russia, Seychelles before applying for a visa because it gives a good impression that you are a genuine traveler. You can increase your visa rating by following these points, and these will helps you in getting visa approval.

How to Check Travel History?

How to Check Travel History

Travel history is vital for getting visa approvals of various developed countries like the USA, UK, and Australia. Travel history is a track record of your international visits to a foreign country. Every year people change their old passport to a new passport and forget about their recent visits to the countries. New passports are blanks so there is a possibility that they can forget about their many foreign visits and proper dates of travel.

It is not possible to search into their travel archive for old plane tickets; travel itineraries to arrange travel history in a systematic way. Even worse, they also forget their visa is still valid or not to the specific countries and when they travel to this country. Don’t worry; you can check your travel history through online and offline.

If you have your old passport, then there are not any problems because whenever you enter or exit from a foreign country, you got an immigration stamp on your passports. You can track your travel history by the help of visa stamps and immigration stamps.

If you change your old passport to new and you don’t have your old passport, then you can also track down your USA travel history online. Go to this link It is the official website of US Customs and Border Protection.

Click on Need a History of Your Arrivals & Departures. Fill your details like name, date of birth, or passport no. After that click on next and you will get your travel history details. Print these results for further reference.