• Photo of Why are polar regions cold?

    Why are polar regions cold?

    The polar regions are consistently colder than the rest of the world. This is basically because the incoming solar radiation…

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  • Photo of Rural Tourism

    Rural Tourism

    Rural tourism may be defined as the movement of people from their normal place of residence to rural areas for…

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  • Photo of Rainforest


    A rainforest is a high-density grouping of tall trees and other vegetation, in which the tall trees from a dense…

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  • Photo of Sustainable Tourism

    Sustainable Tourism

    Sustainable tourism is the forms of tourism which meet the needs of tourists, the tourism industry, and host communities today…

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  • Photo of Host Community

    Host Community

    A ‘host community’ refers to a group of people who share a common identity, such as geographical location, class, and…

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  • Photo of Eco Tourism

    Eco Tourism

    Around the world, ecotourism has been hailed as a panacea: a way to fund conservation and scientific research, protect fragile…

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