• Photo of Cruise Tourism

    Cruise Tourism

    The cruise industry is a modern phenomenon but it rooted from the early years of the 19th century. As travel…

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  • Photo of Adventure Tourism

    Adventure Tourism

    Adventure tourism is defined as the movement of the people from one to another place outside their comfort zone for…

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  • Photo of Medical Tourism

    Medical Tourism

    Millions of people travel abroad for medical treatment – from dental work to major heart surgery – all done at…

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  • Photo of Tourism Marketing

    Tourism Marketing

    Travel and tourism marketing is the systematic and coordinated execution of business policies by the both private or public and…

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  • Photo of Tour Package

    Tour Package

    Package holidays, popularly known as a tour package or simply the word ‘tour’ in the travel and tourism industry refers…

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  • Photo of Evolution and Growth of the Hotel Industry in India

    Evolution and Growth of the Hotel Industry in India

    The origin of the hotel industry in India cannot be traced to a definitive point of time, there is evidence…

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