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Sustainable Tourism

Sustanable tourism view

Sustainable tourism is the form of tourism that meets the needs of tourists, the tourism industry, and host communities today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. According to The …

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Host Community

Host Communities

A ‘host community’ refers to a group of people who share a common identity, such as geographical location, class, and ethnic background. They may also share a special interest, such as a concern about the …

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Sex Tourism

Sex tourism 1

Sex tourism is the movement of the people from their usual place of residence to another location for a minimum period of twenty-four hours to a maximum of six months for the sole purpose of …

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Toy Trains of India

Nilgiri mountain railway

There are five toy trains which are running to hill station on the narrow gauge. The bogies are also very small like toys, so they are called toy trains. Through most of them are running …

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Luxury Tourist Trains of India

Maharaja Express

India is a vast country of great distances with varied topography, climate, vegetation and people in such case a journey by bus or car is not comfortable, so the railway is the best option in …

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