What is the best country for medical tourism?

Today, the medical insurgencies have also associated themselves with the spiraling cash factor. People have started moving out of their domain country to various locations where medical facilities are cheaper and excellent. Most Americans are traveling to third-world countries for surgeries that are not under insurance to avoid the expensive medical structure of their country.

There is another side to this coin of medical coverage also. People, especially from industrialized countries, are moving to places where they can go for a vacation and seek medical treatment. The question that arises now is which country is the best for medical tourism?

Medical Tourism traveler

International patients are flocking to Asia for elective and cosmetic procedures. An increasing pool of patients is getting their ailing heart fixed or hip replaced in countries such as India and Singapore.

India is comparatively new in the sector of medical tourism. The recent increasing numbers indicate their growing popularity. The pharmaceutical industry also is at par with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The treatment cost in India equals a tenth of the price compared to the U.K. or U.S. Apart from excellent healthcare, India offers a beautiful holiday destination. India has a diverse option of scenic beauty, from snow-capped mountains to sprawling golden deserts, from dense forests to soothing blue oceans. In addition, what more could one want for a complete package of quality and class at such a lower price?

Thailand is also the leading destination among the particular Southeast Asian Medical Tourism country, making it the main rival to India. The Thai Government invests in upcoming doctors and is sent abroad for training and specialization, especially in the U.K. and the U.S. The other advanced Southeast Countries are Singapore and Malaysia.

Southeast Asia provides some great benefits for medical tourism, with Thailand being the critical destination and the main competitor to India.

East Indies and Costa Rica are the most wanted destination for medical tourism. These countries, too, provide excellent medical facilities along with tourism benefits.

Brazil has been the center of plastic surgery. The tourists that float from the USA have eventually built Brazil into a medical and tourist desired destination. Although Argentina is also flourishing in this field, its geographical factor sometimes creates some sort of problems.

Medical tourism is also picking up its pace in Dubai, Eastern Europe, and Africa. Medical tourism is a slowly but very speedily growing tourism sector today. The quality of work provided by the Third World Countries in response to medical needs concerning money nowhere lacks quality.

There are trained specialists to understand the foreign language and provide the necessary treatment. It is a beautiful opportunity for health tourism to promote. There are certain risks involved, but there are possibilities of joint ventures that would definitely give tourism a boost.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Tourism

About medical tourism, specific questions may arise in your mind. Anybody who hears of medical tourism would be confused about its exact nature. Let us find it by raising some fundamental questions about it.

What is meant by ‘Medical Tourism?

When you travel abroad to a particular destination to get specific medical treatment, it is called a medical tour. The concept of medical tourism is certainly not a new one. Europeans and Canadians have traveled abroad for treatment, suiting their purpose for years.

Global elites often visit renowned hospitals in the U.S., such as Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, MD Anderson, etc., to get specialized treatment. It is more than just medical treatment. It incorporates relaxation and leisure alongside proper treatment to invigorate the patient physically, mentally, and emotionally. The idea is to ease patients by providing them with relaxed and exotic surroundings.

Why is it sometimes advised to consider medical procedures outside the U.S.?

Sometimes you get to know that medical procedures are more expensive in the U.S. compared to other countries. If you are looking for cost-effective treatment, you must opt for cheaper other places. While cost is an essential factor, it is not of utmost significance. You should not move abroad for surgery just to save money. It is a risky business where patients must take considerable care before and after the treatment.

Which services do you get under a medical tour?

The package of a medical tour usually includes pick up from the airport, stay at a five-star or four-star hotel, medical procedure, transportation to the doctor’s clinic, travel reservation, trip itinerary, etc.

What in case your family doctor advises you to stick to home treatment?

Your family doctor often may not advise you for a medical tour. That is quite natural. Make sure your local hospital has the necessary accreditation from the US-based hospital accreditation organization JCAHO, the Joint Commission International. Sometimes, your local hospital performs so poorly that it loses its accreditation.

Does medical treatment involve any risk?

To be guided by any preconceived notion is not advisable. The best thing is to judge the facilities offered by medical tourism, and one has to weigh the relevance of each. Sometimes, medical tourism does not yield an appropriate treatment. The doctor may not understand your particular problems arising from local factors. In such a case, going on a medical tour becomes insignificant. If you get any inappropriate treatment, then complexities may crop up.