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UFTAA – Universal Federation of Travel Agents Associations

Universal Federation of Travel Agent Association is an association of travel agents and tour operators. It is one of the largest organization in the field of travel and tourism industry.

In 1919, International Federation of Travel Agencies (IFTAA) was established in Brussels. However in 1996 IFTAA merged with the Universal Organisation of Travel Agents (UOTA) with the objective to ensure better coordination, co-operation among travel agents and to spread the professionalism at the globe.

The new organization established was known as the Universal Federation of Travel Agent Association (UFTAA). The main objective of the association is the promotion, development, and expansion of the travel and tourism industry worldwide.

Practically, it acts as the negotiating body between travel agents and international organization. That is why UFTAA is called one of the principal organization/association of the travel agent at global. Its membership is open to all national travel agents, associations such as TAAI, AATTA, and EATTA.

Presently, it has more than 30,000 travel agencies from 120 member countries. The membership is divided into various regions. The association is managed and operated by its members. Each national association sends delegates to attend the general assembly which appoints the board of directors.

Presently, the board has 18 members elected for two years. The association is managed by the board of directors assisted by the secretary and management.

Objectives of UFTTA

The Universal Federation of Travel Agent Association plays an important role in the promotion and development of travel and tourism and their products. Some important aims and objective of Universal Federation of Travel Agent Associations are following as:

  • To ensure public recognition of members.
  • To protect interest from legislation and other forms of legal point of view.
  • To act as a negotiating body.
  • To improve professional status and business standing.
  • To improve up to date information.

Contribution and Role of UFTTA

Universal Federation of  Travel Agent Associations is an organization which is dedicated to travel and tourism. It is a global travel and tourism organization at the world level.  UFTTA promote and develop tourism at the national level as well as international level. Some important role and contribution of UFTTA are following as:

  • Promotion travel sector.
  • Promote destination
  • Negotiation.
  • Co-operate with international bodies.
  • Promotion status/development process.
  • Help to settle a dispute.
  • Up to date informal.
  • Develop payment systems.
  • Research studies.
  • Develop ethics.
  • Helps to standardize relations.
  • Develops vocational training courses.
  • Organize seminars, conferences for the development of technology.
  • Helps the members in transferring foreign currency payments to their suppliers.

UFTAA also negotiates on the behalf of travel agencies with the international organization like IATA, IHA, IUR, and IRU.

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